Inquiry into Australia’s Skilled Migration Program – Final report released

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration’s final report into Australia’s Skilled Migration Program has been released today.

Some of the recommendations include-

  • Consolidating the STSOL and MLTSSL lists into one Skilled Occupation List
  • Developing a method of determining skills shortages and occupations lists that relies on dedicated and specific information rather than ANZSCO. This will be undertaken by the National Skills Authority
  • Determine improved methods for identifying acute skills shortages
  • Provide a pathway to permanent residency from STSOL occupations
  • Considerations of concessions or different rates of TSMIT for regional areas
  • Concessions to work experience for international students who have undertaken their courses in Australia at reputable institutions
  • Longer graduate temporary visas of three years to provide more flexibility for international graduates to gain jobs and work experience in Australia
  • Addressing processing delays for applicants and employers and improving customer service with better communication
  • Removing the need for LMT for subsequent visas when the 457/482 visa holder has held the position for 12 months or more with the sponsor
  • Exempt employers for paying the SAF levy twice for the same employee
  • Refund of the SAF Levy where the visa application is unsuccessful and there is no evidence of fraud on the part of the sponsor or applicant.

The full JCSM Final Report on Australia’s Skilled Migration Program is available on the Australian Parliamentary website.

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