Employer Nominated Scheme-ENS 186 Visa

Employer Nominated Scheme-ENS 186 Visa

The ENS 186 Visa is a permanent skilled worker visa for Australia. It allows people to live and work in the country permanently. You can also incloude your dependants in this visa.

The visa is part of an effort by Australia’s government to attract skilled workers from overseas, who will contribute significantly to the economy and society.

If you’re interested in applying for an ENS 186 Visa, read through this article to learn more about it!

Eligibility criteria for an ENS 186 visa

Depending on the Stream an ENS186 Visa applicants need to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be nominated by an eligible Australian employer
  • You must have an occupations on the 186 Visa Occupations List 
  • A maximum age requirement of 45 at the time of application will apply to Direct Entry stream
    applicants. A maximum age requirement of 50 at the time of application will continue to apply to Temporary Residence Transition stream applicants
  • competent English language skills;
  • a skills Assessment in your nominated occupation;
  • 3 years of related employment;
  • Satisfy health and character requirements

Benefits of an ENS 186 Visa

An ENS 186 visa allows you to live and work in Australia and travel freely around the country.

Holders also get access to healthcare services that are funded by Medicare, along with access to carious social security through Centrelink.

ENS 186 Visa Streams

You can apply for an ENS 186 Visa under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream and the Direct Entry Stream.

1. Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

This stream offers a pathway to permanent residence for eligible temporary residents living in Australia as holders of a 457 visa or a 482 visa. Applicants must have worked with the nominating employer for 2 or 3 years depending on thy type of visa you hold.

2. Direct Entry Stream

The direct entry stream is for people who have not lived in Australia before. Temporary residents who do not qualify for the TRT stream can also apply for the Direct Entry stream. Applicants can apply from within or outside Australia.

To qualify for this stream, the applicants,

  • Must have skills in any of the occupations appearing in the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List. This is a list of the skills that can be used for a visa application in Australia.
  • must have a valid skills assessment before you apply for the visa.
  • Have competent English language skills
  • Have been in employment in the same occupation for at least three years
  • Must be below 45 years of age.
Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS)186 Visa

How to apply for an ENS 186 visa

Your employer must lodge a nomination with the Australian Department of Home Affairs before you apply for the visa. The nomination should identify the nominee, such as your name and the nominated occupation and terms and conditions of employment.

You can either apply for ENS 186 visa after the nomination has been submitted or you may chose to wait until it has been approved. You will have six months after the approval of your nomination to lodge the visa if you decide to go with the latter option.

At the time of writing applications are being finalised in approximately 60 days for your visa to be processed but may vary depending on individual circumstances during the processing period.

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