Permanent Residence Australia

Australia is a land that is known for its many distinctive features. Along with it being the largest continent country globally, it’s known for its vast nature, long beaches, and the only home to the kangaroo. As such, it forms a good destination for many people who would love to be part of the warm and friendly culture and the many job and study opportunities that are found there.

For you to live in Australia permanently, you’ll need to obtain a Permanent Residence visa first.

There are several permanent visas that one can get. They are

  • Work stream permanent resident visas
  • Family stream permanent resident visas
  • Business/investment permanent resident visas

1.    Work Stream Permanent Resident Visa in Australia

These are suitable for people with skills that are valuable to Australia or who have gotten work in Australia.

It includes;

Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189)

This visa is for people who have skills that the Australian government requires. The holder of the visa can live and work permanently in Australia. However, you will need to be invited to apply for it and should not be older than 45 years.

Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)

Nominated skilled workers are allowed to live and work permanently in Australia. One should receive an invitation before they apply for the visa.

Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 124)

It is awarded to individuals who have internationally recognized talents and are exceptionally good in them.

Most of these subclasses are subject to the following;

  • Receive an invitation to apply.
  • Possess skills that are suitable for assessment.
  • Have their occupation among the Skilled Occupation List.
  • Submission of English test scores.

Skilled Occupation List for Permanent Residence in Australia

This contains a list of occupations that migrants are allowed to nominate. The list is frequently updated based on the changes in the Australian labor market. Interested applicants are advised to frequent the Australian website for this. The SOL are in 3 categories.

  • Regional Occupation List
  • Medium and Long term strategic skills list
  • Short term skilled Occupation List

2.    Business/investment Permanent Resident Visas in Australia

Granted to people who want to conduct business in Australia. They include;

Investor Visa (Subclass 891)

This visa is awarded to people who wish to make investments in Australia.

Business Innovation and Investment (Subclass 888)

They are given to business owners who want to continue with their business operations in Australia.

3.    Family Stream Visa in Australia

Granted to people who have Australian family members.

Partner Visa (Subclass 820 and 801)

It allows partners to both live in Australia together permanently.  


Eligibility Evaluation

When applying for a point tested permanent resident visas in Australia, one will be required to score a minimum of 65 points for consideration of the visa. The points are distributed as shown below. A higher score increases the chances of one getting a visa. For example, an applicant that gets between 80 – 90 points is better placed to get a visa than the one who gets 65 points.

CategoryMaximum points awarded
Age (25 – 33)30 points  
Accreditation in community language5 points  
State sponsorship  5 points  
Study in a Regional Area5 points  
Spouse with competent English  5 points  
Skilled spouse  10 points  
Spouse is an Australian Citizen or holder of a PR visa10 points  
Proficiency in English  20 points  
Work Experience in Australia (8-10 years)20 points  
Work Experience outside Australia (8-10 years)  15 points  
 Received Education outside Australia (Doctorate)  20 points  


It is possible to live in Australia permanently if you meet the criteria that they have set. Besides filling in the application forms on the website, one should have their documents for the various categories ready as proof to their application.

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