SC408 Visa- What You Need To Know

The 408 pandemic event visa has enabled of thousands of people to remain in Australia lawfully and, in many cases, work whilst they’re here.

We have successfully managed many subclass SC408 Visas since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our consultations are free , so if you’re reading this fell free to contact us.

Some of the common questions or confusion regarding the SC408 Visa

Can I switch job on a 408 Covid-19 pandemic event visa?

While on a 408 pandemic event visa, the holder is allowed to switch jobs as long as it’s in the same critical occupation and position that the visa was originally granted for.

If you are changing employers, you must notify the Department and complete a ‘notification of changes in circumstance’ and a letter of offer from your new employer.

This visa does not allow the holder to take up work that is inconsistent with the work the visa grant was based upon.

How do I know if my job is classified as a critical sector for the Covid-19 pandemic?

Employment in agriculture, food processing and health, disability, aged and child care, hospitality and tourism are classified as critical sectors. If you contact us and provide a detailed overview of the role, we can give our professional opinion on whether your application is likely to be successful or not.

I’m not working in a critical sector, can I still apply?

Yes but the grant of a visa may be for a shorter term

How long does the COVID-19 pandemic visa last?

If you are working in a critical sector, you may be given a pandemic visa that permits you to stay in Australia for 12 months, which also applies to critical sector workers who are part of the Seasonal Worker Program or Pacific Labour Scheme.

If you are applying this visa as a last resort to stay legal in Australia, you’ll be granted permission to stay for a number of months (the length can vary) ensuring you remain in Australia lawfully until you are able to return home.

How much does the COVID-19 pandemic visa cost?

Visa Application Charges are Free